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High speed bonding system

Achieved a higher processing speed of more than twenty times.

With high speed bonding system, sandwiched panels, composed by surface and core materials, can be bonded firmly and within shorter time with heat setting adhesive.

Specification (Characteristics)

  • High speed bonding 0 – 20 minutes, variable with factors
  • Available shaping With exclusive jigs, flat, round and other shaped materials are available.
  • High quality warpage, no discoloration on decorative laminated sheets
  • Available forming range 3200 × 1530
  • Material available for panel all kind of decolative sheet, SUS, aluminum, steel, etc.
  • Types of core materials Honeycomb core, KUREGESEL, etc.
  • Usage conditions on meeting on usage

High Speed Bonding Process

Wing partition for railway cars
Completed products, sample
Surface: Al, t=1.0, Decorative laminated
Backing: Al, t=0.5
Core: Klegecell t=17

Main specification of bonding machinery

Sample of high speed bonding, Ceiling panel unit

EJR231-2F (2 kinds) EJR257
Die-less Forming
Automated Door Line
High Speed Bonding System
Technology transfer to China